Hostech Web Hosting - A pair of words that for a large part of the world are foreign words just like web building or suppose web maintenance, SEO and more.

After the site's construction phase, it is necessary to store it where it is, the words "website storage" is the action that allows you to upload the site in a particular place, on a remote computer - just as a file, software, etc.

This remote computer looks like a regular computer for everything and even acts like it, but that the data of a remote computer used to store much professional sites and has more serious settings: it is stronger, more reliable and unlike your home computer or even contrary to the computer in the business, it must not "fall" when such a computer Fall, your site is not achievable even if it is a site built in the most advanced technology for a website building.

This computer is called "server" and I guess you have already encountered this name even if you are not web builders.