Most types of storage, whether dedicated or not, belong to the "cooperative storage" category.

You can simulate cooperative storage for renting an apartment building.

You share the building resources with other tenants.

The larger and fully equipped the apartment you pay. WordPress storage works in a similar way.

You rent part of a servant.

The storage company assigns you resources - memory, processor power, place on the bronze disc, etc.

Most people are definitely "cooperative" storage, and the only choice you have to deal with is which company to sign up and what plan.

Whether it's a dedicated program, or "regular" shared storage behind the scenes happens the same.

The storage company allocates space and resources on a server, allowing the customer access to manage and update his account.

The essential difference between dedicated storage and regular storage is in the control and management interface presented to the customer.

In "regular" shared storage two most common interfaces today are CPANEL and Plesk.

They greatly make it easier for the average user, allowing him to take common actions such as setting emails, adding files, database management and more.

These interfaces are relatively convenient, but require a certain degree of material proficiency.