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DDOS Protected Virtual Servers Around The World

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Virtual Servers

Business owners, web developers, app developers. Choose the right package for you and we will start our way.

  • Core

    2 GB

  • Memory

    2 GB

  • Storage

    40 GB

  • Bandwidth

    20 TB


per month * Without Commitment

Our Virtual Servers (VPS)

Check out our Virtual Servers (VPS) plans with full details.

VCPU Memory CPU Power Storage Geekbench Score Bandwidth Price
2 vCPU 2GB 3.2GHz2 cores 40GB


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3 vCPU 4GB 3.2GHz3 cores 80GB


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4 vCPU 8GB 3.5GHz4 cores 160GB


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8 vCPU 16GB 3.7GHz8 cores 240GB


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16 vCPU 32GB 4.5GHz16 cores 360GB


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Our Virtual Servers (VPS) Features

Reasons to Choose Hostech for Your Virtual Server Hosting (VPS).

SSD Disk Drives

SSDs are much faster and more secure agile drives, the flash disk is capable of transferring files up to 5 times faster than a standard hard disk.

10 GB/s Network

Hostech offers up to 10 GB/s Network Connection in our Dedicated Servers and Virutal Servers (VPS).

DDoS Protection

Our company has DDOS protections that are able to protect you in case of repeated attacks, we have protection that protects you fully 24/7.

Full Root Access

When ordering the VDS / VPS virtual server service, the client gets access to the root directory (root user), which will allow him to install and configure any software and tune according to needs and limitations.

VPS Servers in several locations around the world

Hostech provides virtual servers around the world with fast speed and 99% availability Our Locations : Germany , Israel , Finland , USA and more.

Without Commitment

By purchasing a virtual server you have the freedom to choose the billing cycle! Without contracts or long-term commitment.


Available Operating Systems

web hosting platforms has been fully optimised to offer outstanding performance for your web applications.

Questions and Answers

Do you want us to transfer the site to us? You got it! Leave the work to our experts who will move your site quickly from the previous storage to us.

If it is a website hosting, you will receive the email login details after the purchase.

Web hosting for private clients We at Hostech provide you with a storage package for a 15-day trial, without obligation, free of charge and also without leaving credit card information!

Yes,Our standards are high and they require us to the best, and as part of this concept we make it possible to install an SSL certificate free of charge and with one click! The certificates are automatically renewed in accordance with global standards.

Customer reviews

Customers who have given us the great responsibility to support their business.The values behind which we stand. Get to know Hostech a little more closely.

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